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Paycheck Calc


Paycheck Calculator calculates net paycheck amount and applicable payroll taxes from a gross pay amount.No ads, no limitations, accurate calculations.
Version 2.6- updated payroll tax calculations for year 2016.
Version 2.5- updated payroll tax calculations for year 2015.
Version 2.4- updated payroll tax calculations for year 2014.
Version 2.3 - updated payroll tax calculations for year 2013.
Version 2.0 - Federal Allowances- State Allowances- most accurate calculation,
Paycheck Calc calculates the following payroll taxes in all 50 states and District of Columbia: - Federal Withholding, - Social Security, - Medicare, - State Withholding, - State Disability (if applicable), - State Unemployment Insurances (if applicable).
Paycheck Calc allows to email paycheck details to employer, employee, payroll service provider or anybody else.
Paycheck Calc produces the most accurate paycheck calculation, because it uses the most current tax tables and considers dependents (i.e. the number of federal or state exemptions).
If you need to enter pre-tax and after-tax deductions, and you want to save unlimited payroll profiles, then consider upgrading to Payroll Guru app.
Use Paycheck Calc to compare payroll calculations to the actual received paycheck. Email your payroll service provider in case of a large discrepancy in the taxes or net pay amounts. Knowing net take home amount will help you plan your budget and prioritize your spending.
Paycheck Calculator is a great tool to compare take amounts and taxes in different states, which may be especially useful if you consider relocation and employment in a different state.
Enjoy the app and please rate it if you like it, and find it useful! Thanks!